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FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL is your number one slab leveling contractor in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to raise and level your uneven or cracked concrete slab, whether it is your foundation, driveway, garage floor, or pool deck. If you are wondering how to fix uneven floors in your California home, we have solutions for you. Our company is your slab repair expert in Orange County & San Diego County.

Accella Polyurethane Systems:
The Best in the Industry

In today's industry, one of the leading solutions for concrete leveling and repair is polymer foam. Here at FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL, we use Accella Polyurethane Systems for their Low Density Water Blown Spray Foam (SR230-4. SR230-4).

This foam spray is developed to meet all slab raising needs while replacing existing blowing agents with zero ozone-depleting solvents. Accella has overcome a major industry problem by creating this highly stable water blown spray foam. These are the physical properties of the foam FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL trusts:

accella polyurethane system for slab leveling

  • Density: 4lbs per cubic foot
  • Dimensional stability: 3 days at 150°F, 2.2% change in volume. 7 days at 150°F, 2.2% change in volume
  • Compressive strength: 95psi
  • Viscosity at 76°F: A side, 300 cps. B side, 700 cps
  • Ratio: 1/1 by volume
  • Reactivity at 120°F: 5-7 seconds rise time

Cracked Slab Repair, Foundation Slab Repair, Concrete Leveling, and More

The team at FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL has the knowledge and tools to fix your slab and raise it back to its original position. No matter what area of your home is affected, we can permanently level and stabilize your concrete slab. We offer a free inspection and report for property owners so you can be confident in our expertise and know that our methods will fix your cracked foundation slab or an uneven sidewalk. Protect the investment you have in your home or business with our concrete slab repair services. Check out the video below to see how slab raising works with polymer foam.

Click here for your free foundation report and C.A.D. plan. (Only free for property owners).