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Sloped floors are often accompanied by other signs of foundation problems because they are normally caused by the sinking or shifting of your foundation. Foundation settlement is often the result of soil movement beneath the foundation - as the foundation starts to settle, the lack of support from the soil and ground underneath can lead to sloping and uneven floors above. Shifting foundations can also experience uneven settlement, which leads to floors in your home becoming irregularly sloped or slanted. If you notice that your floor has become slanted or uneven, examine your home right away for other signs of foundation failure. Some of the signs to look for are:

  • uneven floor repairDrywall Cracks
  • Floor Cracks
  • Uneven Foundation
  • Sticking Windows or Doors
  • Leaning or Bowing Walls
  • Concrete Chipping

If any of these issues are prevalent in your home, give FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL a call today. We provide foundation repair solutions for homeowners in the Orange and San Diego County areas in Southern California.

Uneven Floor Repair San Diego, CA

We offer several repair options for sloped floors in your Southern California home. Since the cause of these sloped floors usually has to do with settlement, the best solution is to raise the foundation and prevent future settlement. One of the methods that we use to do this is the installation of underpinning products from ECP (Earth Contact Products). These products include HELICAL PIERS and RESISTANCE PIERS. This kind of product is installed beneath the slab, where it can support the foundation in places that the soil is failing to do so. Once the piers are anchored into the ground, they can be used to lift the foundation to the original level and restore any sloped or uneven floors back to normal.

Another way to lift settling foundations and fix sloped floors is to fill voids beneath the foundation. If there are empty spaces and holes underneath your home's foundation, it may cause the foundation to settle and sink, which will lead to sloping floors. To fix this, we can use slab releveling techniques. This involves injecting expansive materials such as Arnco Performance Polymers beneath the slab. This material fills in gaps and expands to raise the slab back to its original position. Once the voids are filled and the slab is raised, the floors are once again even and level.